Liner Types

Unlined – No special sealing features and no liner.

Foamed PE (F-217) – An all around good liner for products that are non-reactive to polyethylene.  These liners protect from odor transmission and do not impact the taste of food products in the container.

Foam pressure sensitive (PS-22) – Displays a moisture seal, in the form of a foam disc.

Induction/Heat sealed – Often used when air needs to be removed from the container, and/or product security is an issue.  Often used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Barrier – Foil liner creates a durable, chemical-resistant seal.

Plastisol – Suitable for many food applications.  Allows hot-filled products to “draw a vacuum” as they cool.

Pulp and vinyl – For metal caps, is an excellent liner for chemical resistance.  It works well with solvents, alcohols, mild acids, alkalis and other chemically based products.  Not designed for bleaches or active hydrocarbons.

Polyethylene cone – Recommended for glass bottles where a tight seal is preferred.

Pulp and polyethylene – Ideal for powders and cold fill, non-acidic food products.

Pulp and oil – Offers a degree of resistance to chemical products that are reactive to polyethylene.

Sancap Liner Products

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Source:  Sancap Liner Technology, Incorporated, Product Listing Full Line of Cap and Closure Lining Material