New Launch – Pilot Men’s Grooming and Skin Care line

Projects come to All American Containers in different ways and for different reasons. As a distributor, we have unique experience at bringing various manufacturers and components together into one seamless offering for the client and the public. Such is a recent project just completed for Pilot Men’s Grooming and Skin Care products.

A labor of love and the vision of a 30 something entrepreneur, Pilot’s project included 2 different bottles, 1 jar and 1 tube. However, those few components required us to use 7 different manufacturers.

The design for each container was crisp with very cleans lines. Important attention was given to each and every detail, but especially to matching the proper cap thread counts to its container and the silk screening. Additionally, the MDPE bottles needed to be squeezable. The entire production was accomplished on time and on budget and in less than 12 weeks.

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