Vendor Managed Inventory Program

Vendor Managemed Inventory Program

A program that provides Price Reductions, Shortened Lead Times & Pay as you Receive™ Invoicing

All American Containers of So Cal is pleased to introduce Vendor Managed Inventory Program (VMI). It is designed to give customers more control over their packaging inventory, lead times and cash flow.

VMI starts with strong and concise shared information between AAC So Cal and customers. From this foundation, customers provide a forecast to AAC So Cal, which estimates their annual inventory need for each product. This annual projection allows AAC So Cal to offer significantly lower pricing than the same quantity would receive if ordered in smaller lots on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis.

AAC So Cal then “Manages” the ordering, receiving, warehousing and directs weekly, monthly or “as needed” shipments to the customer.

Vendor Managed InventoryWith enough of the inventory always
on-hand in our warehouse, customers never run themselves out of packaging. Having our inventory control system keep a “watchful eye” on the floor stock allows AAC So Cal to reorder stock well before it’s needed. And we will publish and email you a weekly inventory report so you will always know what is on our floor, allocated to you and available for your immediate release. With our Pay as you Receive™ Invoicing, billing only occurs as each shipment is transported for final delivery.